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No Child Left Behind

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 is a United States Act of Congress concerning the education of children in public schools. This act is one of the most highly debated education issues of the decade. Many people agree that the NCLB Act is important and the intent of the Act is positive. According […]

Evaluation System for Teachers

New York State has a new evaluation system for its teachers, emphasizing student achievement. This agreement affects and applies to all teachers in New York beginning 2012-13. Each Teacher will be evaluated and will receive an overall numerical score on a 100-point scale. There will also be corresponding categorical ratings: Highly Effective: 91-100 Effective: 75-90 […]


Reading with your child every night is one of the most important learning activities you can do for your child and their education.   Read together every night from the day your child is born. Build up to reading 15 to 20 minutes or longer each night, as your child gets older and their attention span […]

Asperger’s Dropped From Revised Diagnosis Manual

The now familiar term “Asperger’s disorder” is being dropped. And abnormally bad and frequent temper tantrums will be given a scientific-sounding diagnosis called DMDD. But “dyslexia” and other learning disorders remain. The revisions come in the first major rewrite in nearly 20 years of the diagnostic guide used by the nation’s psychiatrists. Changes were approved […]

What are Parents of Special Education Students Entitled to?

According to IDEA and NCLB, parents are entitled to an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) for their child. An IEP is the master plan for a special needs child and it contains measurable annual academic and functional goals. A School District must also provide timely evaluations of the child’s ongoing performance which include functional, developmental and […]

Let’s study

Start out and spend most of the time studying the “big ideas” or the concepts and skills that will make up the majority of the test. Your child may need help in prioritizing concepts to study. Some people remember best by taking notes as they read and study. Your child can highlight and jot down key ideas […]

Preparing to study

If your child has a tutor, let your child’s teacher(s) know. Some teachers are very willing to communicate with tutors. This allows them to be a resource and source of support for each other in maximizing your child’s achievement and progress. If the teacher doesn’t already provide it, request a study guide, review sheet, or […]


Try to get advanced notice of tests. Request study guides and/or review sheets. Study in small chunks, a little bit each night. Spend most of the time studying the “big ideas.” Try a variety of studying techniques to help you and your child discover what kind of learner they are. Have blank index cards on […]