No one knows more about your child than you do. By working together, you and the staff of the scholl can help your child have a successful school year. If you become concerned about your child’s educational programs or special education services, contact your child’s teacher immediately and share information about what you see. Informal meetings and phone conferences help you build a partnership with the teacher and school. You may also ask for a meeting with school administrators or the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) or Committee on Special Education (CSE) to discuss your concerns about your child’s education.

  • To prepare for the meeting or phone conference, make a list of your questions, concerns, ideas and information about your child. Ask your child if there is anything that he or she would like you to share. You may also have your child attend the meeting.
  • During the meeting, discuss your questions, concerns, ideas and information, take notes and ask to see examples of your child’s work, for specific examples of classroom behavior and ways to help your child at home. If you do not understand something, ask for an expalnation. Try to arrive at a mutually agreed-upon solution to any problems or concerns. Keep detailed notes in a journal or log of who and when you talked to someone and of any timetable and action agreed to.
  • After the meeting, talk with your child about the good things that were discussed, the problems that need to be worked on and the steps that will be taken to help your child. Keep working with your child’s teacher and if necessary, ask for a follow-up meeting or phone conference.

If you have questions or feel your concerns have not been addressed, you may want to contact your VESID Regional Associate from the State Education Department for assistance. You also have due process rights to mediation and/or an impartial hearing to resolve issues or conflicts. For more information, go to Help for Parents at

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