Evaluation System for Teachers

New York State has a new evaluation system for its teachers, emphasizing student achievement. This agreement affects and applies to all teachers in New York beginning 2012-13. Each Teacher will be evaluated and will receive an overall numerical score on a 100-point scale. There will also be corresponding categorical ratings:

Highly Effective: 91-100

Effective: 75-90

Developing: 65-74

Ineffective: Below 64

The points will be determined as follows: Sixty points will be locally developed based on measures other than student testing. Thirty one of those sixty points will be based on multiple classroom observations which will be done by the principal or other qualified administrators. The remaining twenty nine points may be based on observations by an independent evaluator (other teachers, parents and/or students). For teachers who teach subjects that are tested by the state, twenty five points will be based on state determined measures of students’ growth on these tests. Fifteen points will be based on locally determined measures of student growth on achievement. This is not a law yet, but the state is working on making it one. As long as the teachers and parents can come together and help students understand, our children will prevail.

For more information on the matter, the article can be located here. http://www.buffalonews.com/city/schools/article736180.ece

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