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We strive to help students of all ages achieve success.


Our number one priority at Reach for the Stars Tutoring, Inc. is to help students of all ages achieve success, reach their goals and have a high self-esteem. We support students who are struggling and provide enrichment for students who need to be challenged. We're always growing and expanding our services to meet the developing needs of families. We use New York State certified teachers and run criminal background checks on each employee. There are no contracts to sign and we provide FREE consultations.

Reach for the Stars Tutoring, Inc. offers a variety of services for families. We provide private, in-home tutoring services for adults and children of all ages, from preschool through college and adult, in all subjects, for both general and special education. We can help with study skills and test-taking strategies and offer preparation for the ELA, Regents and SAT exams. We also offer basic and advanced Spanish, French and Italian for those wanting to learning a foreign language or for those traveling to foreign countries.

Last, we proudly function as a FREE resource center for families. We network with a multitude of educational, health, legal and business professionals to help meet all the personal needs of your child and your family too! Learning to move while you’re in the air is just as important as the ground game, since your prospects in a match of Apex Legends will often hinge on where you decide to land. Of course, the random generation of gear plays a large role, even in areas that are supposed to have high-tier loot, but there’s definitely some skill involved in answering the age-old question of “where we droppin’, gang?” It’s easy enough to aim for a zone of Kings Canyon that’s along or near the path of the dropship. But if you’re looking to reach a far-flung area of the map, getting there will require some deft handling — and a basic understanding of physics.

The owner of the company, Melanie Rasmussen, is certified by New York State as both an elementary and special education teacher. She has been educating children and adults of all ages for over 20 years. The highlight of her classroom teaching career happened in 2000 when she was teaching in Maryland and was named Baltimore City Teacher of the Year. Melanie began Reach for the Stars Tutoring, Inc. in 2004 and today has more than 40 employees working with her. In her free time, Melanie loves spending time with her husband, Harry, and their two amazing boys, Alan and Benjamin.

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